Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Resting in the shadow of the Almighty

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty " Psalms 91:1

In this chaotic world full of bad news, it is easy to fall into a place of terror. It is so easy to be paralyzed by fear when all we hear is the news of a radical group rapidly trying to eliminate us, Christians, as well as any minorities. It is scary to think about nuclear wars, or just a war in general. The world scares us of who is real & who is not. Who is a liar, & who is corrupt. I mean I have a 50 minute class every other day discussing the many faults & threats of this world. It gets overwhelming. It makes us question everything in this life because of the worldy concept of fear. Fear has ate me up for the past few months. I have been absorbed into this mold of being at stand still because I am in a blinded view of what the world has to say about these situations. The thing is that God is not of this world, he is bigger & greater. A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine taught a lesson to some kids about the topic of fear. I needed to hear it, see I was listening to what CNN told me, & not what the living word of God told me. He taught on the amazing song of Psalm 91. This is when I realize the word is living when it completely wraps you up, spins you around in a 360, & gives you a safe place to dwell. Dwell, that word makes me think of a cozy log cabin up in my favorite place, the mountains, just warm, relaxing, & peaceful. I immediately thought well sign me right on up for that party. I love God & love serving, but I got a reality check as I read this book. It says shadow, well we all know how somebodies shadow comes over us right? right, they have to be bigger then us, circumstance, anything towering us, in order for the shadow to fully cover. Now I was not putting God above the fact of checking CNN every 5 seconds on my app anxiously waiting for the bad news of an attack on this country. Yes, it is so important to be aware of the situations & to be face the realness of the fact these threats are so real & close, but God does not want us to be fearful.

"For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

God is bigger. The enemy wants me to be on the fence, so he can swoop in when I am still with fear. The devil takes any opportunity to get my faith to flee from me. BUT in Psalms 91, our God, our awesome amazing God, promises to help whenever we face danger. He does not promise this world to free of from danger because with sin all around, that is the fact of this world.
He covers us, fully. He gives us refuge. A place to go, a warm welcome under his great wings in which shield us from the destruction of the mind as we fear. In the bible, "Do not be afraid" is written hundreds of times because our God knew it is human nature to be scared, but with God our human nature becomes overcome with the fruits of the spirit as we allow peace to override our worries.
This verse just uplifts my soul so much. I speak it over & over throughout my day because it is God overcoming what the world uses to break my faith & pull me away to their plans. Read Psalms 91 right now, ask God is soothe your troubled heart about this world. Prayer works, he hears your cry. God is alive, he is so alive if you just look around. look within yourself as you ask for his presence to fill you & walk with you. Become aware of his presence constantly. Bad things, terrible, scary things will happen but take heart, for he has overcome the world. Thank you Jesus.
" He will call upon me & I will answer him " Psalms 91:15
Dear Savior, our king, our God almighty, Lord I thank you for your word. Your word in which directly reflects you. Thank you for saving us. For being our strongtower & our dwelling place. Thank you for this opportunity we have to share you , for this opportunity to be a disciple to the lost & also the found. You know our worries, you know our hearts troubles. Lord I ask you break the chains of fear on our lives. Lord that we would be overtaken by your spirit of peace. Father, we ask for your protection over your people. That our faith would be made stronger in your shadow. That we would have the faith in your power & word in which we can ask for your presence & you never leave God. Thank you so much for psalms 91 & your promise to help us in these times of fear & distress. God you are so faithful to your children. I pray for your word to overcome our hearts, that we would hold tight to your promises to your beloveds in everything we do. That we would not be shaken because in your arms is where we stand. In your arms, the everlasting father & creator of the world. Father, we love you. We thank you for Jesus, the prince of peace, for coming & dying for our sins, so we can have this intimate relationship with you. We love you Lord. IN Jesus name, Amen.

(also I am going to start posting more so , God is really moving & I know he is going to grow in each of us more & more. Thank you guys so much for reading & investing your time in this blog. I have gotten good words back about how God is moving in people's lives as they read these words I feel God wants  me to share, so continue sharing, commenting, & reading. Again, thank you guys so much !)


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