Monday, September 29, 2014

To succumb..

To succumb to the enormity of the problem
is to fail
the ONE
I am so excited to finally be sitting down & blogging about this past weekend. A whole lotta stuff has been settling in my heart & mind recently. SO this last Friday was the annual women's conference at my church. Hundreds & hundreds of women gathered to worship together, which I must add is such a crazy amazing experience ( join me next year because I am already pumped ). I have been looking forward to this event for months because uhmm hello, it's with my best girlfriends plus a whole lotta Jesus, worship, shopping, & sister love just a flowin in the atmosphere. But there is more... the speaker was Pastor Leigh Ramsey who is the founder of the SHE RESCUE HOUSE ( ). This organization helps girls who have been trafficked, raped, sexually exploited, or at risk. MY heart nearly exploded as I realized she was going to be coming to speak. This woman inspires me with her bravery & passion for these girls being served such an injustice.. as one of my leaders texted me, she is ' My passion's CEO'. So needless to say, I couldn't walk my short little heeled boots any faster into that building Friday. Her message has really sat deeply on my heart more & more so as the days go on. I had already fallen in love with her ministry & spent hours & hours researching the cheapest way for me to fly to Cambodia to volunteer in anyway they would let me. Visiting the website constantly, I have seen the quote I opened up with. And I was like 'oh yes, that's perfect for this situation.' To succumb means "to yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire." Hence, this quote all summed up is letting the overall size ( whether energy, numerical, stress level, time, etc.)  of your problem stop you from pursuing either speaking up or helping out. Human Sex Trafficking is an ENORMOUS problem that seems so unfixable that most just decide to not even bother trying. There is an estimated 27 million people enslaved right this second. That is insane to even fathom. Every 30 seconds someone is a victim of this trade of humans. It seems nearly impossible to even consider trying to help because at this rate you are one person trying to help 27 million people who are usually hidden in brothels or never given justice due to the severity of the problem & danger they are placed in, but what about the one? What about the one young 6 year old girl who has been repeatedly raped & sold for money for years who is OWNED by a man who could care less about her ?? What about the one young boy who is gang raped because he is sold by his parents in order to make a living for the household? What if Pastor Leigh hadn't of helped the ONE girl who needed help for her friend? What would have happened to that sweet innocent soul who was being sold in a brothel? chances are she would have been left for dead in the street whenever they were done with her.. Thank God she realized that just because she couldn't save them all.. she could save that one girl who was given a hope driven by a shot of bravery. what if YOU decided to help THE ONE? What if YOU decided to speak up for THE ONE? Over & over this quote has just pondered along in my mind & heart. I just keep repeating it over & over like a song I just cannot seem to get out of my head. It is what so many of us do. We let the enormity of the problem keep us from being brave enough to help who we can even if that may only be one. Brave.. when I think of brave I see a woman who doesn't let fear, doubt, circumstance, or doubt enter her heart nor her mind. She does what needs done even when she is unsure she will succeed. Pastor Leigh brought up Esther.. Esther had everything she could have ever wanted. I mean she was bling bling up in a castle. Then she was faced with a mega super problem.. now, (pause) who thinks she is (a) gonna continue eating the fancy foods & twirling her rubies, or (b) is Queen Esther gonna one up her problem ? I am just going to assume you choose choice b. YES, Esther shows bravery. She shows heart for her passion, heart for God's kingdom. she does not let the failure of what COULD happen stop her from DOING what she knows is God's plan. Sure, she probably was like 'man, I just don't know if I can actually do this because the problem seems so much bigger then me', but she didn't yield to the problem at hand, she busted right through it. ( Esther is the bomb).. but too often I choose the what could happen instead.. Is that not what so many of us do? We hide behind the problem.  We use it as an umbrella on a hot day to just shield us from the sun which is bright because we are scared it may burn us even though we have sunscreen on ( yes, I just used sunscreen & Jesus as metaphors ). We decide, that we would rather not have a hint of failure even if it means we change someone's life forever. Now, I realize not everyone's' passion is mine, so this is not geared just solely at the problem of trafficking. This is geared to what stops YOU from stepping out to make a change. When I was thinking bout all the different areas I let the enormity of my problem stop me, I immediately thought about my high school/ college. The situation of the ENORMOUS percentage of students who have decided Jesus is not a person they need & most don't really care if they know him at all. I see it all the time, everyday. The majority of the teenagers/adults I attend school with do not know Jesus as their lord & savior. They are intimidating. Now, you may have the mindset I originally did.... which is.. ' Well.. I mean, I love Jesus, I love church, I love ministry. I know God wants me to share what he has done in my life BUT nobody is going to listen to me anyways if I start being 'religious,' so I think I will just keep my mouth shut'' .. yep, that was me & to my teenage friends out there.. I feel you. It is easy to just turn our Jesus love lights on dim. but we so are not called to do that. I feel the fear of being made fun of or 'doing it wrong.'  Like if I show the joy or love Jesus gives me, I'll be walking around smiling all big & they will think I am out of my mind smiling to myself on a rainy monday. .. Or the fact jumps in my mind that chances are I will not reach every last person in my school. I feel like a failure of not being able to share the word of God 'good enough' to get everyone to Christ.. but what about THE ONE. What about the one person who gets a taste of living water? what about the one girl who is feeling abandoned & just needs the love of a heavenly father? or the one guy who is on the verge of suicide or substance abuse because he has no hope?.. but you decided to let the fact you may not be able to draw his friend to Christ , stop you from bringing him to Jesus who can & will spare his life?  ... the one. YOU can help THE ONE. Be brave.. brave enough share the life change Jesus did for you.  Don't keep it all for yourself, God gave us mouths to share his word. No matter what is spoken to you , even if someone says it is not worth it because you will never be the change for them all.. be the one who can say I, by God's lead, was the change of THE ONE. Afterall.. you were someone's.. the one.

Monday, September 22, 2014

life or death

" The tongue has the power of life and death,
    and those who love it will eat its fruit. " Proverbs 18:21
The tongue produces words. There are over 250,000 words in the English language. Approximately each person speaks between 7,000 to 25,000 words each day. Men obviously being on the lower end leaving the women on the upper end. We talk, everyday, all day. Our voices carry a large amount of our words. But in this day & age it is easier, quicker, & requires less energy to just type some words up. We voice our opinions daily via social media. Twitter statistics show that 600 tweets are posted per SECOND, along with Facebook posts averaging 700 per SECOND. The level of output we use our words with daily is astonishing. I have always thought that the fact that we can voice out loud what we are thinking is so crazy cool, but do we ever think about who is hearing our words? Chances are you just bit your lip because you just had an 'oh crap' feeling, That's okay, me too. I talk a lot, & I talk loud ( right mom ?) & without thinking. I love being able to say what I am feeling or just come out of my head for a little while. The thing is, we hide behind this curtain of entitlement. That we have the ' God given right to say what we want.' But the thing is that we don't. We do not have what this world calls 'freedom of expression' which is in my wording ' you do you because we don't wanna argue or get sued because of it.' Being a Christian means we abide by what the word of God says. In the verse I opened up with it talks about the tongue being life & death. What you outwardly put into the environment around you whether it be natural or cyberspace, it is adding something to this world & will directly impact someone. Adding something of life means showing Christ. It means humbling yourself behind what you may be feeling & extending grace & encouragement. I love those people who just are a breathe of clean fresh air because they just shine their light on my soul. I want to be that person people are like ' I know I can count on Kalyn because she is always using her words, tweets, facebook, pinterest, & instagram to encourage me.' yeah well I wish I could say that I am always an uplifting person, but I cannot. This is a struggle that is deep in me & I find it hard to break sometimes. I do not even mean to do it 98% of the time. I just burst out in attitude about something I really am not even mad or upset about. I won't think about how I word an answer or a comment to where it will come out as helpful instead of just a big wrecking ball of negativity. I know I do it & sometimes I just have to say ' Kalyn just don't say anything,' because I get carried away in what I think & too little about if I am encouraging the other person that I am broadcasting my heart to.
A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart. Luke 6:45
So when I am not focusing my words on producing life in my words, that means the overflow of my heart is not where it needs to be. It says this is an evil heart. WOAH, you're probably thinking 'man she just called me & herself out on being evil, what is wrong with her?' I am not saying I do not love God, I do. I love his word, I love praying, & worshipping & teaching . ( so why are you saying you may have an evil heart sometimes? ) We all learn who is evil, the enemy Satan. We know he only wants to kill, steal , & destroy us. ( John 10:10). It compares him to a thief because he takes any opportunity to rob us of our joy or hope. When we speak death, we let him manifest in our words to be carried to what will destroy the receiving end of the words we put out. The enemy wants us to think that God doesn't love us or that we are not forgiven. He will take any opportunity to swoop in to remind us of just what we did that brought us so much shame & guilt. This recently happened to me as a person I used to be very close to, sent me a text that directly brought back a massive mistake I made. A few short words brought me back to that place of being lost & feeling so unloved & drowned with shame. I texted my mom & her response was this " The devil is using he/she as his mouthpiece." This was the truth as I took a step back to look at the situation more clearly. Yes what this person said was completely true, I DID mess up & I DO still deal with the consequences. But, God is continuously working in me to restore my heart & mind to his will. The message was not meant to contribute encouragement to me. It was meant to tear me down when I started to be joyful & look up again. This was the enemy being allowed to get in my head in a sneaky way through someone he knew I cared what they said. He knew I would start to question whether I could be loved by God fully again without a label of my sin stamped on my forehead. I do not want to be the person who allows the enemy to be apart of my words I speak or contribute in any way. I want to speak life, not death. I fail daily. After receiving that text, I immediately fired back by posting on twitter a very obvious tweet directed at the person. I just did what they did, right then. It is in our culture to just post away when we are mad. I contributed to the death & I allowed Satan to be apart of my words for the day as I posted a tweet not full of life in replace for a tweet to retaliate against the person who hurt me. That was so wrong of me to do. I want to be a woman of God, not of the world which is always looking for a way to hurt someone. I am not saying that it will be easy or that when you slip up, you are automatically done for life & stamped an evil person. You aren't, with Jesus we have grace. As the children of God, we are expected to show Jesus through our actions & words. I know some days it is like people are just asking for you to snap, but will you give in to the enemies plans or will you turn to the word of God & what it says?  Make Proverbs 18:21 the prayer of your day when you come into communication with others. This world is in desperate need of a life giving conversation or post. Shine your light to the world as you think about your words before you type or say them. Are your words bringing life or death ?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

letting your stresses overwhelm your present

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Crazed. Exhausted. Anxious. Booked. Tired. Overdrawn. These are words I hear everyday. I hear them from friends, family, students, teachers, workers, kids, adults, elderly, & myself. This world yells "OVERWHELMED"  My church is even doing an entire series on this phenomena. It is a common theme of having a list of to-dos that runs on
    & on
           & on
 with no stop in sight. You're shaking your head right now saying 'yep, I am just about to lose my mind.' I know, the majority of us are just running around saying ' what's next, what else could there possibly be to do ?' These past few months I have felt as though everyday just about never ends, but everyday there is not enough time to do just everything I have to do. From having to come out of some relationships to coping with issues interloping every aspect of my life to beginning my senior year, I feel like I might have come to the edge of giving up about a trillion & 6 times. Starting college ,I have struggled in a math class in which is above my level. The feeling of being inadequate & the enemy's lie of ' Kalyn , you are too stupid to understand' have invaded my thoughts each time I sit down in that desk. Not having the comfort of my regular "crew" because they are an hour away all together at a different school has cut like a knife.Reading chapter after chapter just to be able to understand what is going on in class has became a hassle of time & energy to get done just to stay ahead of the instructor. Not to mention knowing I didn't have to go this route causes this overwhelming question to if I made a mistake. I could have easily stayed where I was comfortable, but I decided to go the other way. Doubt eats at me almost constantly. As students, especially seniors, we are so worried. We are worried about graduating. We are worried about our relationships, the ones we will keep & the many that are likely to fade away as soon as we get our diploma. We are worried about where to go. Should I stay close or go away? Should I go north or south, east or west, up , down, or all around? Should I even go?? What if I don't? Oh, but I need to , so then what type of school to attend.. university, community, private, or technical ?  I have a big blue binder stressing me out under my feet hidden stacked full of college flyers I have collected & hoarded in the past four years because I have freaked out even thinking about that decision so I just shoved them under my desk. And how am I suppose to ask my parents to pay this obsurd amount of money  due to fees that is required even with hope or what if I don't get this scholarship I need? Then you have this blank staring at you, waiting to be filled in on every college application:
Major: ____________
 what on earth am I going to major in??? What am I going to do for the rest of my life? I have gone from meteorologist to psychologist to writer to social worker to nurse to counselor to just pure I literally have no idea how I am going to pull this off in a few months. I know where my heart is but I don't know how to major in human sex trafficking? Do I go in the medical field, education field, journalist field.. the options are limitless. I have had friends call me with the same desperate plead of 'help me figure out my life' because I just don't think I can do it. This all added on to the fact that SO many of us have baggage carried with us. From separation of parents to past relationships to failed classes or low gpa to helping with siblings to jobs to money to car problems to just everything it seems. Plus the realization of peer pressure, what will people think/ what are my peers doing? It just adds up to where we have this list of things, lists of decisions, lists of past things we simply did not have time to do. All this anxiety leads to me being a ticking time bomb. Hard to believe right ;) I just out of nowhere am in this terrible mood. I don't want anyone to talk to me or even look at me. I snap if someone asks me a question or engages in any kind of interactive conversation. And all I want to do is sleep so ya know, I don't have a freak attack on someone. Man, I just have a problem. I was thinking tonight about why I have been acting the way I have been.. & it hit me. I am so focused on the future, I am not focused on now.  I found myself today thanking God I get to move out next fall just because ya know, I am a teenager & that's the kind of crazy stuff we say. But, I have absolutely no idea if I will actually move next fall. Sure, I want to wisk off to school & have my college experience, but what can I do right now to make this life less overwhelming? The answer is, I seek God. I sat tonight & looked for God on my list of things I had to do this week. Yes, I journal & I do a devo, but really I had to be real with myself. Was he the one I am seeking to make my decision about where to go to school? What to major in? No, I was taking a quiz online designed to just tell me my future. It is frankly so dumb of me to sit around complaining about all these decisions about my future when in the end, my future is his. My life is to glorify him,the one who I know holds my life in his hands,  not my successes or skills. My hands, mind, voice, heart, absolutely everything are made to sculpt his kingdom on earth. I pray he will be a lamp to my feet daily, but why am I making it so difficult for me to see the light? I see this constantly on twitter ( I am so guilty) , " uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have so much to do" " uhhhhhhhhh stupid blah blah blah" " uhhh I am so tired of trying" ... Why do we do this to ourselves? why do we choose to pile things on instead of giving to God what is rightfully his ? Jesus is the one who will supply you true peace right this second. He has a plan for then, but he also has a plan for now. You are called as a child of God to spread his light. A serious attitude problem is not going to lead people to Christ. A complaining, anxious spirit will distort your light that you are so capable of spreading to people like you, who need a savior who gives hope & peace to his sons & daughters.  This is my challenge for myself ( yes, mom you can call me out this week) & you is when you feel like you are about to just take your stress out on these innocent people around you who may drive you crazy or beat yourself up , give it to Jesus. Ask him to overwhelm you with his goodness & faithfulness.  He is waiting to give you peace, hope, joy, love, & a future. He loves you right now in this moment. he wants you to be apart of his story, just ask for your part & he will guide you wherever he has called you to be . He knows your past present, & your future. Seek him with me as we battle this fight of not letting our stresses overwhelm our present.
love yall ;*

Monday, September 15, 2014

True value

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it " Proverbs 4:23
Chances are you've heard this verse before, chances also are that you think it's a sweet verse, like the one you would post in your instagram bio or on a #selfiesunday caption. Trust me, I am guilty as any other.  It sounds so strong & so wise, so perfectly worded. I have seen about three hundred thousand different diy crafts, posters, tattoos, clothes, & so on & on & ON based on this verse just on pinterest alone. Women  ( sorry guys, I'm focusing on the ladies today ) LOVE this verse, so why do the majority of us not apply it ? Why do we decide to ignore this life saving principle in the word of God? The reason behind it is that we/I, like so many other ladies, have been washed ashore by the waves of pressure to conform to this world. This world says, ' it is okay to show everything you have' , ' it is okay to have sex outside of marriage' , ' it is okay to watch inappropriate content online', ' it is ok to let a man completely disrespect you' , ' IT IS OK' ... because everybody else is doing it. This generation of people scream that it is ok to just do whatever you want. We are told that these principles of respect are void because this is a 'different time.' That life is without consequence, & that you can simply break anybodys' heart or flounce around with the three words , ' I love you' because ya know, who cares right?? .. I wish sometimes I could say yes, that heart break isn't a consequence, that when you are devalued by a boy.. that it doesn't change you. I wish I could say I haven't said ' I love you' to a multitude of boys & I wish I could tell you that every man you meet is going to treat you the way you deserve.. wait, ' deserve '? This is what I have struggled with for so long. See, I was/ am working on not being 'boy crazy' . by this I mean the desire to have a 'boyfriend' , everybody else had one, so why not me? This started about 8th grade. I decided I as gonna 'go out ' ( note : I never actually went anywhere with them, I even avoided them at school) with these boys, which ultimately just ended up with me balling my little eyes out because well, he was a 13 year old boy. My mom then would say, ' Kalyn, guard your heart.' & ya know what I did, I pursued another. Over & over, & over I just slid my heart on down my sleeve. I am 17 now, its been about 4-5 years of giving myself emotionally away to countless guys who frankly, did not deserve it. I spent hours trying to get them to like me. I changed my interest so they would think I was interesting. I literally tweeted things I didn't even care about just so they would think I was 100% interested about whatever they were into. I obsessed over my weight & outward appearance to their taste in girls. I have let guys use me & forsure did not guard my heart. The enemy snatched me up right there by deceiving me of the truth with the comparison of my relational life with that of others. The thing is that I didn't care what the guy did, I ' cared' if he respected me, but my view of respect was the world's view. On twitter, all I see is boys calling their   ' wcw ', sexy or retweets about a woman's body. Then their girlfriend's response is ' awww baby I love you." I am so guilty of this so I am not calling you out, but Ladies, here me out.. A speaker we had, explained it this way : Everytime she  ' broke up' with a guy, he left with a piece of her heart. Well after so many, you have nothing left to give. Like so many girls, this happened to me. I ran out. I became bitter, I find it a constant struggle everyday to be loving, caring, or self controlled because my heart is overflowing with the brokenness of these years & years of heartbreak due to my lack of application of an extremely important verse that is directly pointed toward this generation I feel. I find it hard to find value. I find it hard to trust. I find it hard to believe in myself or respect myself. I do not think that God wants me to be in a relationship with a boy who can not stop touching me or a boy who frightens me by violent threats. Girls, this is such a topic raging on my heart recently. ONE IN FOUR COLLEGE GIRLS REPORT BEING RAPED OR IN A SITUATION OF RAPE. One in four! I know because sad to say, but this situation has happened so very personally to me & many of my friends. No, thank God the situation did not progress in my personal story as it does in so many others, but it happens daily. This number is so ridiculously high because of these beautiful young girls who too often fall into the trap of thinking they don't deserve the absolute best.  Girls around the world are manipulated into the horrid trade of girls for sex & money . These girls honestly feel they deserve this kind of treatment, but if only they knew they deserve respect & love. Love that transcends all understanding. Women just want to feel loved, needed, & wanted, we will do just about anything to keep a guy who we constantly feel so ' in love ' with around, even though they speak & treat us as if we are so little.  When we are craving that attention, it is easy to give up what we know is right for something that just seems like a ' small disadvantage.' An amazing man of God spoke to a group of children the other day & he addressed the young innocent girls in the room by telling them that when they do on a date, & the guy does not open the door then turn around & go home. Wait.. hold up.. that sounds ridiculous right ?.. because I mean this guy is CUTE , & my friend's boyfriends don't open the door for them.. He continued by saying the boy is not leading you, he is behind you. I have heard rare girls say they would forgo a date because he didn't open the door... & I sure as all get out, would not have left because I don't see the value I have through God's eyes when I let a man treat me disrespectfully. Your standards are never too high. You being the fearfully & wonderfully made daughter of God you are, DESERVE the absolute best. When I let a boy speak to me in perverse language or I let a boy touch me in a way he should not, this is not being valued nor is it recognizing what I deserve. You deserve chivalry, you deserve love, pure love, but pure love comes when your heart is seeking the Lord, as well as his. Chivalry is not dead & neither is the man God has so perfectly set apart for you. find your beauty in God, find your comfort in a Savior who is always there instead of a boy who is only there when he gets something out of it. Have respect for yourself as your heart & body belonging solely to God. Patience darling, your man of God who is ready to lead you will come with the almighty's timing.. I know it is tough & sometimes a very lonely road, but Guard your heart, & you will walk in the fullness of a pure heart & spirit who never walks away.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Resting in the shadow of the Almighty

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty " Psalms 91:1

In this chaotic world full of bad news, it is easy to fall into a place of terror. It is so easy to be paralyzed by fear when all we hear is the news of a radical group rapidly trying to eliminate us, Christians, as well as any minorities. It is scary to think about nuclear wars, or just a war in general. The world scares us of who is real & who is not. Who is a liar, & who is corrupt. I mean I have a 50 minute class every other day discussing the many faults & threats of this world. It gets overwhelming. It makes us question everything in this life because of the worldy concept of fear. Fear has ate me up for the past few months. I have been absorbed into this mold of being at stand still because I am in a blinded view of what the world has to say about these situations. The thing is that God is not of this world, he is bigger & greater. A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine taught a lesson to some kids about the topic of fear. I needed to hear it, see I was listening to what CNN told me, & not what the living word of God told me. He taught on the amazing song of Psalm 91. This is when I realize the word is living when it completely wraps you up, spins you around in a 360, & gives you a safe place to dwell. Dwell, that word makes me think of a cozy log cabin up in my favorite place, the mountains, just warm, relaxing, & peaceful. I immediately thought well sign me right on up for that party. I love God & love serving, but I got a reality check as I read this book. It says shadow, well we all know how somebodies shadow comes over us right? right, they have to be bigger then us, circumstance, anything towering us, in order for the shadow to fully cover. Now I was not putting God above the fact of checking CNN every 5 seconds on my app anxiously waiting for the bad news of an attack on this country. Yes, it is so important to be aware of the situations & to be face the realness of the fact these threats are so real & close, but God does not want us to be fearful.

"For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

God is bigger. The enemy wants me to be on the fence, so he can swoop in when I am still with fear. The devil takes any opportunity to get my faith to flee from me. BUT in Psalms 91, our God, our awesome amazing God, promises to help whenever we face danger. He does not promise this world to free of from danger because with sin all around, that is the fact of this world.
He covers us, fully. He gives us refuge. A place to go, a warm welcome under his great wings in which shield us from the destruction of the mind as we fear. In the bible, "Do not be afraid" is written hundreds of times because our God knew it is human nature to be scared, but with God our human nature becomes overcome with the fruits of the spirit as we allow peace to override our worries.
This verse just uplifts my soul so much. I speak it over & over throughout my day because it is God overcoming what the world uses to break my faith & pull me away to their plans. Read Psalms 91 right now, ask God is soothe your troubled heart about this world. Prayer works, he hears your cry. God is alive, he is so alive if you just look around. look within yourself as you ask for his presence to fill you & walk with you. Become aware of his presence constantly. Bad things, terrible, scary things will happen but take heart, for he has overcome the world. Thank you Jesus.
" He will call upon me & I will answer him " Psalms 91:15
Dear Savior, our king, our God almighty, Lord I thank you for your word. Your word in which directly reflects you. Thank you for saving us. For being our strongtower & our dwelling place. Thank you for this opportunity we have to share you , for this opportunity to be a disciple to the lost & also the found. You know our worries, you know our hearts troubles. Lord I ask you break the chains of fear on our lives. Lord that we would be overtaken by your spirit of peace. Father, we ask for your protection over your people. That our faith would be made stronger in your shadow. That we would have the faith in your power & word in which we can ask for your presence & you never leave God. Thank you so much for psalms 91 & your promise to help us in these times of fear & distress. God you are so faithful to your children. I pray for your word to overcome our hearts, that we would hold tight to your promises to your beloveds in everything we do. That we would not be shaken because in your arms is where we stand. In your arms, the everlasting father & creator of the world. Father, we love you. We thank you for Jesus, the prince of peace, for coming & dying for our sins, so we can have this intimate relationship with you. We love you Lord. IN Jesus name, Amen.

(also I am going to start posting more so , God is really moving & I know he is going to grow in each of us more & more. Thank you guys so much for reading & investing your time in this blog. I have gotten good words back about how God is moving in people's lives as they read these words I feel God wants  me to share, so continue sharing, commenting, & reading. Again, thank you guys so much !)