Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Children For Sale #endhumantrafficking

Good Wednesday Afternoon to my beautiful & handsome readers !
I am way excited to share this blog with you guys ( I've been working on getting blogs prepared to post regularly & have a more up to date blog ) , but this one is a spur of the heart kind of post. SO, last night I got the incredible honor to attend a special showing of CNN's new documentary , "Children for Sale : The Fight to End Human Trafficking " which airs Tuesday, July 21st at 9 pm on CNN. As well as watch it with the special, god-given leaders shown in the video. It was so special to be in room full of influential people striving & successfully doing the work they set out to do. This kind of film being shown worldwide is so so encouraging to those of us who long to get the word out about this terrible crime being committed literally in our backyard. All the shows I have watched concerning Human Sex Trafficking have been filmed in far off in places such as Cambodia or Russia. What is particularly
special about this film is that it is based in my, as well as many of yours, home,..Atlanta, Georgia. Girls, my age and younger, are being sold for money, traded like baseball cards, & used in ways I cannot even fathom right down the interstate from me.. If that doesn't rattle you up, I do not know what will. These girls and boys could easily be you or your kids or your friends. I have heard countless people refer to these girls or boys as prostitutes, saying that they wanted to do this, so why bother? My answer is that no, no 14 year old girl signed up to be branded, beat, emotionally abused, and used by sometimes 40 men sexually a day. She didn't want that. So you ask why is this such a problem? What shocks me everytime is the why. My mind works in that way to where I want to understand the why behind the circumstance. The common theme you hear between the stories of these girls, as well as countless stories I have read online, is the lack of affirmation from family, peers, and themselves. I had to just thank God in that moment that I was blessed with being told through every stage of life that I was beautiful. ( thank your family if this is you as well, I did not realize how grateful I should be for love until I understood the amount of children who receive none ) It is hard to imagine someone being told they are not. My eyes have truly been opened & my heart broken to the fact such a mass amount of children grow up without being told how special, beautiful, and valuable they are. I read a verse this morning that was right on time. It is found in Isaiah chapter 1, verse 17 , " .. Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless.." wow, his word spoke. As you dig into these girls' stories, you realize that the desire to be loved is what the girls are after. The desire to feel protected is what the girls are after. The desire to feel special is what the girls are after. These men, sometimes women, who drag these girls into this terrible slavery, know this. They use these beautiful girls' vulnerability to get to them & once they are in.. it is nearly impossible to get out due to emotional, sexual, and physical attachments to these predators. In the film, you learn on a much more detailed perspective of this manipulation. So, you ask Kalyn, why are you saying all this? I say it because you sitting right there are beautiful. you sitting right there are special, smart, powerful, joyful, bright, important, amazing, loveable, and so so valuable. I remember going through the time when my family was torn. I felt lonely, I felt unworthy, I felt like God had forgotten me. So I turned to whatever made me feel good, which turned into a battle with lust in order to get attention & hear the words I wanted to hear.. " you're beautiful" " I want you " " You're so special." I know personally how easy it is to fall into that trap. I also realize the devil was after my soul. After my joy. But, mostly after my dependents on my God. Ladies, ( and gents) you are powerful. You are more than you can ever even imagine. You are bigger than what those girls at school said about you. You are not just an outcome of a parent being absent in your life. YOU have a Father, and his name is God. he loves you , he thinks you're the most beautiful thing on this planet.. after all, God made the amazing mountains, the blue skies, the incredibly vast ocean, but you, darling, are his most gorgeous, complex, and special creation. And once you realize this for yourself, go & spread it. Tell everyone you know how beautiful they are. As a young lady in the film explained, when Ms. Lisa ( the incredible founder of Living Waters for Girls ) greets me with a " hello beautiful" it changed her perspective of herself. she felt love. she felt cared for. She felt true hope. My challenge is  1. pray for these girls, pray for breakthrough, pray for the predators who do these terrible horrors to our girls, pray for the amazing, amazing team in Atlanta that fights day & night to combat trafficking, pray for the blessings of Living Waters & For Sarah to prosper 2. watch CNN's special report Tuesday night at 9 & share, share, share while using #endhumantrafficking 3. be a voice of influence, power, beauty, and justice.. I promise someday someone will thank you for doing so, it could save their life.
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More information : ( living waters for girls, Rachel's law )