Thursday, December 24, 2015

oh what a wonderful world

Merry Christmas Eve ! It is finally here, Christmas. Mistletoes and Christmas trees and presents under the tree.. shopping is done ( well, hopefully) and many families and friends begin getting ready for a Christmas Eve celebration. We can finally take a deep breathe.. but
The reality is that today, all around the country, there is sorrow, grief, confusion, hurt, and loneliness. There are empty seats at tables that were once filled with grandparents, fathers, mothers, or dear friends. Many families are having their first split Christmas, such as mine. The emptiness in our hearts is real and it hurts. People feel forgotten and unloved. December has more suicides than all the other 11 months combined.. it is because of this emptiness in hearts during this time of year. We compare our lives to those who's lives seem complete. Circumstances overcome us. We cry, instead of laugh. We worry, instead of trusting.  We feel incomplete.. and most unfortunately, we are ungrateful instead of being thankful for all the good that is in our lives.
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Young Life camp in beautiful Jasper, Georgia . After club (service), YL camps do something very unique that I will always remember. It is quite simple, but so important. The teenagers and leaders are instructed to find a place outside and have a quiet time. All the lights from the camp are shut off and the only light is from the millions of stars above me. I layed down where I was and just gazed at the stars. I was in awe. I had so many complaints about life... divorce, unhappiness, loneliness, school, etc. But in that moment, I was grateful. I was thankful for the stars I had taken for granted. I was thankful for the favor to go to Valdosta State. I was thankful for the opportunity to be serving at a camp for teens. I was thamkful for the family God had given me, even if things weren't perfect by any means. I was thankful that I had breathe and could breath. I was thankful for a God who loves me and cherishes me and wraps me up in grace that fills the emptiness in my heart. I am thankful. This Christmas, let us take a step back. Let us look past the phones and social media.. let us look past the presents under the tree... let us look past the terrible circumstance that has its grip on you.. and look to Jesus. The one who was born for us. The one who takes away our pain and wounds. The one who loves you and cares for you enough to take on the form of a slave for you.. The one who wants to bring you joy in him. The one who we celebrate this Christmas.. Jesus. You, whoever you are reading this little blog, are special. You are so so loved by a Savior. I  know it hurts and I know it is hard to be positive during what seems like the end of the world, but Jesus came to fill that hole in your heart. Let us be people of thanks today & sing oh, what a wonderful world & celebrate thankfulness for Jesus' birth today .

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